“Winter” running.


Oklahoma is weird.
It is December.
Christmas is in 8 days, and yesterday I ran along our lake in shorts and a tank top. Although it is beautiful weather, and I will probably be complaining when our cold front hits on Saturday, I couldn’t help but wish that it actually felt like Christmas time.

Saturday I am doing my first 8k and it is supposed to be about freezing at the start. I have done many 5k races and am registered for the half marathon in April, but have never done a distance longer than 3.1 miles.
A 10k sounds intimidating right now, so the 8k opportunity was pounced at, plus their shirts are real cute (isn’t that the real reason we all do these races anyways?)
Tomorrow I have 4 miles on the schedule and we are supposed to have beautiful weather once again.
Love hate relationship with that one.